Ivy Ling Review

When it came time to choose a first doll for my daughter I knew that I was looking for one that could take a little rough play and still come out okay.  I wasn’t too picky about looks or style I just knew that ease of hairstyling was going to be key.  SO when I found out that Ivy Ling was about to retire I knew that she would be just right!  And even though Ivy looks nothing like my blue eyed blonde little girl she has become her favorite playmate 🙂  Below are some detailed pictures of our Ivy Ling, even though she is no longer available from the American Girl Store you can still find her on ebay and through local sellers on craigslist, etc.  Enjoy.

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The Real Ivy Ling

While looking for reviews on Ivy Ling I came across something very interesting.  Ivy Ling was real.  She was an actress from the 60s in china and was the Asian Audrey Hepburn, so to speak. She has played in close to 100 plays, shows, and movies, beng one of the most accomplished Asian actresses of all time….so lets take a little look at the real miss Ivy Ling.

Ivy Ling Po, is a retired Hong Kong actress and Chinese opera singer. She is best-known for a number of mega-hit Huangmei opera films in the 1960s, especially The Love Eterne (1963) which made her an Asian superstar overnight. She played an important role in the entertainment industry for preserving the Huangmei opera art form.[2][3]She has used many names in her past.[4] When she was a young child, she was sold to a family in Xiamen (Amoy), where she took on the name Jun Haitang (Chinese: 君海棠; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kun Hái-tông) and worked as a domestic maid. After reaching preadolescence, her foster mother forced her to enter the Hong Kong movie industry to exploit her.[1] She first acted in Amoy Hokkien films under the stage name Xiaojuan (Chinese: 小娟; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Sió-koan), later in Cantonese films under the stage name Shen Yan (Chinese: 沈雁; Jyutping: Sam2 Ngaan6), before finally entering the Shaw Brothers Studio to act in Mandarin films as (Ivy) Ling Po (Chinese: 凌波; pinyin: Líng Bō) and rising to superstardom.(Wikipedia)

Here she is with some adorable fashions, Maybe AG will reprise an Asian Historical Doll and put her in some outfits like this.


I don’t know if the real Ivy Ling inspired American Girl or just lended her name in an odd coincidence but either way I think its pretty cool, that a Historical is really a historical.