Caroline Doll Review

8 Months ago my little daughter began asking me for a Caroline doll.  I, having seen pictures of how crazy that doll’s hair could get, had decided against it until she was much older.  But every time a catalog would arrive at our door she would frantically turn to the Caroline pages and tell me how she wanted Caroline, her boat, her cat, and so on…so finally I gave in.  Yes I am fully aware that this doll in the last 24hrs already needs a trip to the doll salon.  Her hair is absolutely a mess…but there is a very happy little girl in our house so I am willing to live with it!  The fact that I couldn’t even sway her with the new Fancy Bakery from Grace, sealed the deal, this kid wanted Caroline and nothing was going to change that!  SO here is a little review of our new Caroline, I attempted to rectify her hair, the results speak for themselves…lol.  (I would love to  get some outdoors pictures but it s a chilling 1 degree here, so that won’t be happening today!)

Box Opening!!!

DSC00795  DSC00796  DSC00797DSC00800DSC00804

I have to say that this one of the prettiest dolls that AG has made.  Her coloring is very unique, at first I thought she looked too much like a barbie, but in reality this doll is stunning.  Her Hair is not super platinum, it has highlights of dark and lighter golden blonde.  Her eyes are a light minty grey color, I have heard people say that it is a blue green, but I don’t see any blue, I see more of a grey tinge and some of the iris is almost white in spots.  Caroline is supposed to have seafoam color eyes so I think they did great.  She would also look good in grey eyes, if there are eye swappers out there looking for ideas.

DSC00805  DSC00807 DSC00809 DSC00806DSC00810

Caroline’s Dress is blossom pink with darker pink ribbon trim and a flat ruffle at the bottom.  There is a also a floral ribbon waistband with the same colors as the bonnet included in Caroline’s accessories.  This dress looks very similar to Felicity’s summer dress, and Julie’s Birthday dress.  She is wearing bloomers with eyelet trim and knit knee high white stockings.  Simple leather like pink flats complete the outfit.  This is a well made simple dress, I wish it had a little more of its own look and was not so similar to the other dresses mentioned, but with the added accessories it is more unique.

DSC00823 DSC00821DSC00820DSC00822

DSC00818 DSC00817

I would recommend this doll for girls above 8yrs…but if you are a dedicated parent and your daughter only has eyes for Caroline’s untamable curls then she could work for you.  Just plan a visit to the doll hospital/salon every 6 months into your budget.  Okay after doing the required pictures my daughter insisted on joining the photo shoot and setting up Ivy and Caroline for a “friend” picture…lol.

DSC00811 DSC00824 DSC00825


Ivy Ling Review

When it came time to choose a first doll for my daughter I knew that I was looking for one that could take a little rough play and still come out okay.  I wasn’t too picky about looks or style I just knew that ease of hairstyling was going to be key.  SO when I found out that Ivy Ling was about to retire I knew that she would be just right!  And even though Ivy looks nothing like my blue eyed blonde little girl she has become her favorite playmate 🙂  Below are some detailed pictures of our Ivy Ling, even though she is no longer available from the American Girl Store you can still find her on ebay and through local sellers on craigslist, etc.  Enjoy.

DSC00612 DSC00613 DSC00614 DSC00648 DSC00649 DSC00650 DSC00651 DSC00653 DSC00654 DSC00655 DSC00656 DSC00657